Free Video Editor and Movie Maker

5. How to Set Animation

Free Video Editor & Movie maker has been designed specifically with animation in mind. The powerful curve-based animation framework can handle most jobs with ease, and is flexible enough to create just about any animation. Key frames specify values at certain points on a clip, and Free Video Editor & Movie maker does the hard work of interpolating the in-between values.


Key Frames
To create a key frame in Free Video Editor & Movie maker, simply position the play-head (i.e. playback position) at any point over a clip, and edit properties in the property dialog. If the property supports key frames, it will turn green, and a small green tick mark will appear on your clip at that position. Move your play-head to another point over that clip, and adjust the properties again. All animations require at least 2 key frames, but can support an unlimited number of them.

To adjust the interpolation mode, right click on the small graph icon next to a property value.

Bézier Presets

When using a Bézier curve for animation, Free Video Editor & Movie maker includes more than 20 curve presets (which affect the shape of the curve). For example, Ease-In has a more gradual slope at the beginning, making an animation move slower at the beginning, and faster at the end. Ease-In/Out (Back) has a gradual beginning and ending, but actually goes past the expected value and then back (producing a bounce effect).

To choose a curve preset, right click on the small graph icon next to a key frame.

Image Sequences
If you have a sequence of similarly named images (such as, cat001.png, cat002.png, cat003.png, etc…), you can simply drag and drop one of them into Free Video Editor & Movie maker, and you will be prompted to import the entire sequence.

To adjust the frame rate of the animation, right click and choose File Properties in the Project Files panel, and adjust the frame rate. Once you have set the correct frame rate, drag the animation onto the timeline.