Free Video Editor and Movie Maker

2. The Main window and Keyboard Shortcuts
Free Video Editor & Movie maker Video Editor has one main window which contains most of the information, buttons, and menus needed to edit your video project.

# Name description
1 Main Toolbar Contains buttons to open, save, and export your video project.
2 Function Tabs Switch between Project Files, Transitions, and Effects.
3 Project Files All audio, video, and image files that have been imported into your project.
4 Preview Window This is the area that the video will playback on the screen.
5 Edit Toolbar This toolbar contains buttons used for snapping, inserting markers, and jumping between markers.
6 Zoom Slider This slider will adjust the time-scale of your timeline.
7 Play-head / Ruler The ruler shows the time-scale, and the red line is the play-head. The play-head represents the current playback position.
8 Timeline The timeline visualizes your video project, and each clip and transition in your project.
9 Filter Filter the list of items shown (project files, transitions, and effects) by using these buttons and filter textbox. Enter a few letters of what you are looking for, and the results will be shown.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of the default keyboard shortcuts supported by Free Video Editor & Movie maker. You can configure these shortcuts in the Preferences dialog. Learning a few of these shortcuts can save you a bunch of time!

# Shortcut Action
1 Ctrl+H About Free Video Editor & Movie maker
2 Ctrl+M Add Marker
3 Ctrl+Shift+T Add Track
4 Ctrl+W Add to Timeline
5 Ctrl+B Animated Title
7 Ctrl+P Choose Profile
8 Ctrl+C Copy
9 Delete Delete Item
10 Backspace Delete Item
11 Ctrl+D Details View
12 Ctrl+E Export Video
13 L Fast Forward
14 F11 Fullscreen
15 Ctrl+F Import Files
16 Ctrl+End Jump to End
17 Ctrl+Home Jump to Start
18 Ctrl+N New Project
19 Right Next Frame
20 Ctrl+Right Next Marker
21 Ctrl+O Open Project
22 Ctrl+V Paste
23 Space Play/Pause Toggle
24 Up Play/Pause Toggle
25 Down Play/Pause Toggle
26 K Play/Pause Toggle
27 Ctrl+Shift+P Preferences
28 Left Previous Frame
29 Ctrl+Left Previous Marker
30 Ctrl+I Properties
31 Ctrl+Q Quit
32 Ctrl+Y Redo
33 J Rewind
34 Ctrl+S Save Project
35 Ctrl+Shift+S Save Project As…
36 Ctrl+A Select All
37 Ctrl+Shift+A Select None
38 Ctrl+K Slice All: Keep Both Sides
39 Ctrl+L Slice All: Keep Left Side
40 Ctrl+J Slice All: Keep Right Side
41 Ctrl+G Toggle Snapping
43 Ctrl+X Split Clip
44 Ctrl+T Title Editor
45 Ctrl+Z Undo
46 = Zoom In
47 Zoom Out
48 Ctrl+Scroll Zoom In/Out
49 Ctrl+Middle Button Scroll Timeline