X Video Cutter and Video Converter

X Video Cutter and Video Converter is Poweful and Simple video converter with cutting and cropping functionality, And it is modified from the FF Video Converter which is free and open source under license LGPL. Getting our source code from here.



  • Encode video files in H264 and H265 and export them in mp4 or mkv format
  • Open network media and convert it while it's still downloading
  • Open videos from Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Experimental support for Nvidia H264 and H265 hardware accelerated encoders (only on RTX video cards, because of lack of B-frame support on older gpus)
  • Experimental support for Intel H264 and H265 hardware accelerated encoders; on computers with a dedicated GPU, Intel iGPU must be manually enabled for QuickSync to work
  • Change framerate and resolution
  • Trim or cut the video, with or without re-encoding it (with precise cutting at keyframe positions)
  • Visually crop and rotate the video
  • Preview encoding quality settings with before-after clips
  • Change default audio track, change volume per track, or remove them altogether