XDue Zip Extractor Pro - Tutorials

3、 How to add new files and folders into existing archive / 如何在现有的压缩包中添加文件

The simplest way to add new files and folders to already existing archives is to open the archive in XDue Zip Extractor Pro file manager and drag and drop the new content into it: the application will show archive update interface and the operation can be confirmed pressing "OK" button. On confirmation, the input items will be added to the archive and moved to the archive subfolder that is currently being browsed in XDue Zip Extractor Pro file manager.
最简单的方式是,直接在XDue Zip Extractor里打开现有的压缩包,然后拖拽文件进去,然后再保存。

● Step 1, Open the XDue Zip Extractor Pro and double click the already existing archives. / 打开XDue Zip,双击对应的压缩包

● Step 2, Click "Add" button on the toolbar to drop the new content into it or Right-Click and click Add menu. click "OK" / 在工具栏上点击 "Add 增加"按钮或者 右键鼠标,添加文件

If items with same name are detected inside the current archive the application will prompt a warning to confirm overwriting pre-existing data.